My Strategy

There are seven stages to every organization, each with their own challenges. I will help you assess which stage you are in and tailor each level of leadership to your organization.

Level 1 Leadership

It's often said there is no "I" in team. However, teams are comprised of great individuals. In Level 1 Leadership we focus on the most difficult person to lead, ourself.  Healthy individuals create healthy teams, and healthy teams create healthy organizations.

Level 2 Leadership

In Level 2 Leadership we focus on rediscovering the "why behind the what" that we do. I help your team reignite the passion and purpose in their day to day through five key areas of your organization.

Level 3 Leadership

In Level 1 and 2 Leadership we focus on the internal aspects of the organization through individual and team leadership. Level 3 moves from internal to external through customer facing systems and strategies.

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