The gaming industry is soon to change once again with the release of new gaming systems later this year. Both Microsoft and Sony will be competing for your dollars this holiday season with Microsoft releasing the Xbox One and Sony releasing the PS4. This usually brings anticipation and excitement from gamers, however, Microsoft is looking to change things up.

Microsoft seems to be adding some new restrictions that will be brand new to gamers, and could be a deterrent to the Xbox. Here are the main concerns.

1. Always Online?
Microsoft isn’t requiring the Xbox One to be connected constantly, gamers will only be able to play offline for up to 24 hours on a primary console, or 1 hour if they are logged onto a separate console accessing their library of titles. At that point, offline gaming will be disabled until players re-establish a Web connection. Xbox One owners still will be able to watch live TV and play Blu-ray disks and standard DVDs with the device.

2. Sharing Games.
Want to share that game with a friend or borrow one? Now, gamers can only share games with people who have been on their friends list for at least 30 days. And each game can only be given once.

What do you think? Will this keep you from investing in the Xbox One? Will it hurt their sales?

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