Today we remember the tragedy of the horrific attack on our Country, the many lives lost, and the men and women who so bravely served. As we speak people are blogging, tweeting, and facebooking about where they were 12 years ago today. I too will never forget where I was in that moment in history.

However, today my thoughts are focused on something different. Thinking back at that time of uncertainty, fear, and shock; people were praying and seeking God like never before. Churches and community centers filled with people praying and asking God for his mercy. Sure it may have been motivated by fear and circumstance, but there was motivation none the less.

Now in 2013, 12 years later, after the dust has settled where are we today? Where are you today? When the shock and fear settled, did your faith? Did your seeking? It’s when the dust settles that really tells the story.

I encourage you today to rethink where you are at this moment. As you reflect on the tragedy of 9-11 and those who gave, remember the words you spoke, the prayers you prayed, and the commitments you made. When the dust settled, were you faithful?

God is still where you left Him. Connect with him today. Commit today and say “I’ll still be there…”

When The Dust Settles

Brandon Matthews

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