As life-giving as it can be, ministry can also suck the life out of you. When life and ministry collide trouble is soon to follow and burnout is on the way. Here are three simple tips to help you balance ministry and personal life.

Manage Your Personal Life…
1. Take Care of Your Soul
Our soul is the core of who we are. When I neglect my physical needs, my soul suffers. When I neglect my family, my soul suffers. When my emotions are not held in check, my soul suffers. It is important to remember that your soul needs fed a much as those you are feeding.

Jesus said it this way, “Remain in me, and I will remain in you…” John 15:4. I encourage you read both verse 4 and 5 and check yourself today.

2. Remember to Whom You are Called

  • A church can take away your job, but they can’t take away your call.
  • Don’t confuse the calling with the job. Your call began when you accepted Christ. As you minister to others you only further that call.
  • Viewing your calling only in the context of your church or “job” blurs the lines of who you are called to be and do.
3. Spend More Time Being Instead of Doing
How many of you have made these statements… “I can stop reading my Bible now, I’ve got enough material for my message.” “I don’t have to pray now, we’ll pray in service, or at staff meeting.” Point being we spend so much time doing it for others that we forget about doing it for us. Remember to not only spend your time on the work load, but embodying what it is to be a believer.

Live Well!
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