When Bad Christians Happen to Good People… Review

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As a representative of Christ it is good to take inventory of our lives from time to time so that we are aware of how we are representing Christ. Dave has written in such a way for us to see how at time the church can do more harm than we do good, all while wearing our Jesus Jersey.

A great sober reminder that everyone has issues and it is the love of Christ that will show we are His disciples. Loving people regardless of their mess is what makes the difference. This book brings our own issues to the forefront of our mind and reminds us that we are all guilty of struggles. Struggles are real inside and outside the church.

Dave writes in a real, straightforward, and honest way. He has a no holds barred style that is perfect for getting straight to the issue at hand. Read with an open mind and be willing to take an hones inside look at yourself.

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