How do you know who won the game? How do you know if your favorite team is going to the championship? Is it the one who tried the hardest? Is it the one who had the best looking jersey’s? Is it the one who had the most hyped players? Regardless of these factors, in the end, it’s the one with the most points.

It would be crazy to play a game and never keep score. There would be no way to determine if you are winning or not. It’s equally as crazy to put so much time, effort, passion, and focus on Sunday each week and never keep score. How do you know if you are winning?

At Cultivate we determine each week at our staff meeting if Sunday was a win. We have broken down the elements of a Sunday, and we literally grade each of them from a scale of 1 to 5. These are some areas we grade:

  • Parking Lot – The very first impression your guest has. This is an extremely important element that is often overlooked.
  • Lobby – The area where most people gather. Was it clean? Were they welcomed? Was information easily accessible?
  • Kids – Was it excellent? Were kids safe and secure? Was it fun? Are they learning or just eating cheese puffs?
  • Worship – How was the sound? Was the music excellent? Did the song set flow? 
  • Transition – Were guests addressed and given a welcome and clear information?
  • Message – Was it clear, relevant, practical, applicable, and based on scripture?
  • Giving – Was it communicated why we give? Was it clear? Was it overdone and pushy?

Some of you are already saying “What does this have to do with the Holy Spirit?” This is often the attitude of the church. The attitude that we just show up and “Let the Holy Spirit” do the rest. Ultimately it is the Holy Spirit that moves and makes life change happen. However, it is our responsibility to steward everything that happens in order to create an environment for the Holy Spirit to work.

Throughout scripture you can see God’s attention to detail. He has always been interested in what some would seem insignificant. He even knows the number of hairs on your head. Everything He created was done with excellence and intent. This is an attribute of God. We too should strive to be the best at what He has enabled us to do. 

So start taking score. Find out if you won or lost. If you feel like it was a lose Sunday, put a plan in place to make it better next week. It’s all about reaching people, so why not do it with the best of your ability? 

If you would like a copy of our score sheet? Let me know at I would be happy to send it to you. 

Keeping Score!

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