As a former youth pastor of 10 years I’m always interested when I see something than can help a young person better prepare their lives for the future. Seeing this book immediately made me think of some current students that are preparing for their future, so I wanted to check it out.

My very first observation is that this book is very detailed and involved. It’s not a skinny book with surface level information. This book takes students step by step through the process and is for motivated students. The very first item of business is to help the student discover things about themselves that will help them determine what they want to do, and even what people they want to fulfill their career with.

Over all the book is very practical with illustrations, charts, and graphs for visual learners. It approaches many questions and thoughts for students to spend time on, which in return helps them make better decisions. So if you are thinking about getting this for your student, just know it’s involved and for those who are truly preparing for their future. It’s not a “fun” read just for the sake of reading. But for someone truly looking to learn, it would be a helpful resource.

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