Many people are using new forms of technology to cut the costs of traditional service providers. Trying to cut the cord on her land line, Michelle Beardsley sent in this question…

Last year I bought the Magic Jack Plus. The phone would cut out if I walked into my kitchen and there was a lot of static on the line throughout my apartment. I wound up returning it. I did live in a basement level apartment and am now on the top floor, so I don’t know if that would make a difference or not? Do you know if it would or know of any other alternatives? I want a phone for emergencies, but really do not want to pay a monthly bill for it.

I do think that the magic jack should work if you have a really good internet connection. Without a fast connection, I think you will notice a lot of static/dropped calls/robotic noise.

I would start by checking my internet speed and connection. Go to and check your internet connection. This will give you your speed so you will know the quality of internet. That should help you decide if VOIP is even going to work.

If your connection is good you could try the magic jack again. If it doesn’t work, take it back. Another alternative is Vonage. It is really the original VOIP service. You can read up on costs and features.

I would also take into consideration your phone signal at your new place. If it is really good, I think you would be ok with just the cell phone. We have no phone line other than cell phone.

Have any of you used a VOIP service? What are your thoughts?

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