We’ve all heard the story of the Titanic. For it’s time the ship was the largest, most luxurious, and attracted all who were affluent. Those of wealth and status were drawn to the ship because of all that it offered. However, we all know the fate of the ship and those who lost their lives.

Often, in our modern culture, we treat our churches like the Titanic. We are drawn to church like some were drawn to the Titanic, for what pleases us. We think the church should be the Titanic, but we should actually be the life boat.

The Titanic sank. Thousands died. At the end of the story the luxury of the ship didn’t matter. It was the life boats that were important. Did you know:

64 – the number of lifeboats the Titanic was equipped to carry.

20 – the number of lifeboats she actually carried.

28 – the number of people on board the first lifeboat, which had a capacity of 65 people.

The ship was not even equipped with it’s maximum number of life boats. Had there been more boats, more lives could have been saved. Why do we need more churches that are focused on those who don’t know Christ? Because we need more life boats!

It’s also mind blowing that the life boats that were used were not filled to capacity. There were people drowning and there was still room on the life boat! There are people drowning all around us and our churches aren’t filled. Yet we sit comfortably in our churches satisfied with those around us.

Let’s not be Titanic churches. Let’s not be inward focused. Instead, let’s be life boats and look outward. Let’s be less concerned about what we can get and more concerned about what we can give. Never forget as the world sails through life we know the fate of the ship. It is going down. But are our churches (we the people) filling the life boats?

What do you think?


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