In very soon to be four years Cultivate Church has evolved from a dream to a reality. Years ago Brandon Doss and I dreamed of a church where people would be free to come as they are, meet Jesus, and change the world around them. And, since 2012, nearly 400 people have said yes to Jesus and life on purpose with Him. Behind every miracle, salvation, and life change are people who give their lives away for the sake of others. People who serve week in and week out. People who share the heart and vision of Cultivate. 

Romans 12:10 says Love each other with genuine affection, and take delight in honoring each other. This was our hope with the first annual LOP Awards.

We gathered our cTeam (everyone who serves at Cultivate) for a night of honor. The LOP Awards (life on purpose awards. It was meant to be cheesy) featured a lighted red carpet, photo booth, a catered meal, and of course awards. Here are some of the awards we gave away:

  • Duct Tape Award – To the man who fixes everything
  • The Church Lady Award – This was given to a guy in our church who gets to know everyone.
  • The Champagne Award – Given to a lady who is alway bubbly and kind.
  • The Loud Mouth Award – A guy to tells everyone about Jesus and Cultivate
  • Rookie of the Year Award – A lady new to the team but making a big impact

The truth is that the night wasn’t really about a physical award. They were just a fun way to celebrate an amazing group of people. As we planned the night we had thought about an award fitting for every person on the team, it just wasn’t possible to do that without staying all night at the church.

So thank you to all of the incredible people at Cultivate. You have made a dream reality and eternity with Jesus possible. I am so thankful for you all. And for any church leaders interested in doing your own awards night, email me and we will be glad to share all the details.


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