I’ve heard it said many times that “teamwork makes the dream work.” Our church is built around a team atmosphere. I pastor my church as a co-pastor team. Our platform changes faces each week with a different speaker, different musicians, singers, etc. Different people serve in different roles giving everyone a place to be fulfilled and make a difference. We aren’t built around a single personality. The only person people show up for is Jesus!

So as we continue to create a team atmosphere there are few thoughts I want to pass to you that I shared with our entire serve team a few weeks ago. These principles will help your teams succeed this year.

  1. Be Inclusive
    The greatest success your team can have is to grow. Grow others into their gifting and duplicate yourself. Your success is not in doing it all, but in helping others do all they can. People are more important than position. Welcome others onto your team.
  2. Be Creative
    Just because you do what you do the way you do it doesn’t mean there isn’t a better way. Be willing to stretch your creative muscles as a team. Accept input. Try new things. Let others have a chance to challenge the process. You just might find a more engaging, creative, or efficient way of making a difference.
  3. Be Intentional
    Don’t forget the why behind the what. Sometimes we can’t see past the Sunday in front of us and we forget the big picture. You aren’t just opening a door, parking a car, running a computer, etc. You are creating an environment for people to receive a redirection in eternity through Jesus. Look past Sunday and see the big picture of every team working together to accomplish incredible things for the good of others.
  4. Be Excellent
    Six Flags has many of the same things as Disney World, but there is one major ingredient missing… Not Mickey, Donald, or Goofy… Excellence. No one plans their family vacation to Six Flags. They plan it at Disney World. Create an experience for people that makes them want to experience it again and again. When teams do their best at what they do, it makes it easier for people to get to Jesus.

So how do you win as a team? How are you stretching your teams this year?

Brandon Matthews

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