A few weeks ago our dryer broke. That means we couldn’t dry our clothes. At least not in an efficient way. Sure we hung clothes around the house, but that wasn’t popular with Jen. So, while waiting a few days for the repair, we used the laundromat. This was quite the experience for me.

I had never used a laundromat before. It wasn’t a horrible experience. The carts were nice and the dryers were large. It was a little awkward when the dryer door opened and threw my underwear out while a sweet hispanic lady started picking them up and putting them back in (thanks but no thanks). However, the moments that followed lead to this writing.

As I waited on our clothes to dry I sat watching a new show called Better Late Than Never. It’s a decent show following “Four American icons” as they spend one month in Asia. It was interesting to watch each episode as they traveled exotic places in Asia. As I sat in this laundromat (not very exotic) the thought crossed my mind, “At least I can watch it on tv.” I immediately felt convicted by this thought. I don’t want to live this laundromat life. I don’t want to just exist. I want to live my life on purpose.

I share this with you because I think we all have those moments where we settle into existence without purpose. Today I challenge you to go above the norm. Raise your level of expectation. God will always meet you at your level of expectation. If you set it low, that’s what you’ll receive. However, if you set it high, He will meet and exceed it every time. So today don’t settle into the laundromat life. Life your life on purpose!

P.S. The dryer is now working like new!

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