“Without oxen a stable stays clean, but you need a strong ox for a large harvest.” Proverbs 14:4 NLT

I love this verse of scripture. To bring it home to church leaders, this scripture is essentially saying without people everything would be easier. You’ve been there. It’s Sunday morning and you are prepared for the most important day of the week. The day that statistics say is the most probable day that people will meet Jesus! Then all of the sudden, 10 leaders call in sick, 5 don’t call at all, several others act as if none of this really matters anyway. Isn’t it fun? I guess you could say that the stable is really dirty!

Most people in your church have no idea of the level of importance they carry. Sure you communicate it, but most of the time they don’t fully grasp what they do. Every tiny detail from the parking lot to the platform matters. It all makes a difference in someones overall experience in your church on Sunday, and more importantly their chance to meet Jesus. And to put it plainly, without the oxen getting the stable dirty, there is no harvest. Just as the scripture said, you need a strong ox for the harvest.

To clarify, not only do you need the ox, but you need a strong ox. Here are some ideas:

1. Pray for your leaders
Every week during our staff meetings we begin by praying for our church and leaders. We pray specifically for the needs they communicate through our Connect Cards.

2. Invest in your leaders
People matter. Invest your life into them. Pastor them. Lead them. Do life with them. We all need each other. It’s not just a Sunday thing.

3. Celebrate your leaders
Take time to show appreciation. People show up early and leave late every Sunday. They give their time to serve others and the vision of the church. Celebrate them. Let them know that what they do matters.

So today I celebrate a dirty stable. I’m thankful for the Cultivate Church Dream Team who live life on purpose to show Jesus to others.

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