Many of you have been following the journey of “Baby Matthews” over the past several months by following Jens Blog. We have been so overwhelmed by the many phone calls, texts, messages, and especially prayers. This is truly what the body of Christ is supposed to be. The picture posted above is a sweet lady from Cultivate who called this past Sunday and said “God said I have to come to your house and pray for you. I’m just being obedient.” This is a true picture of “the church.”

In Exodus 17 there is a beautiful picture of what you have done for Jen and I. In this chapter Israel is engaged in a battle for their lives. As Moses would hold up the rod Israel would gain the lead. However, as his arms grew tired and the rod was lowered they would begin to lose. Moses would swap the rod from arm to arm but would naturally grow tired, weaken his grip, and lower the rod. In full support Aaron and Hur held his arms to provide strength until the battle was complete. This is exactly what you have done for Jen and I.

Thank you for being our strength. Thank you for holding our arms. 75% of pastors wives wished their husband did something else. 75% of them resent the church. My wife does not. And it is because of you. Thank you for being supportive, genuine, and real. Thank you for allowing us to share our journey of highs and lows with you. So thank you Cultivate, WOC, and so many others for your investment into our lives, and “Baby Matthews.”

Keep praying as we get our latest report Friday!

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