When I was a kid my mom would tell me to “stop twiddling my thumbs.” That was a term she would use that meant I wasn’t doing anything and she needed me to start doing something. For example, since January I have been twiddling my thumbs with this blog. 😊

I write with this thought on my mind. Many of us are twiddling our thumbs in our spiritual lives. We are paralyzed with fear, gripped with regret, and close to spiritual collapse. Often it’s in these moments that our circumstance becomes greater than our creator. But I want to remind you that Jesus is greater than our junk.

In Genesis 42:1-2 Joseph’s family is being affected by the famine and they too are overcome with their current obstacles. But listen what their father, Jacob, says:

When Jacob heard that grain was available in Egypt, he said to his sons, “Why are you standing around looking at one another? I have heard there is grain in Egypt. Go down there, and buy enough grain to keep us alive. Otherwise we’ll die.”

Essentially, don’t sit here and cry, complain, or quit. “There is grain in Egypt!” The answer is there. Don’t be so caught up in you circumstance that you miss the blessing. I want to remind you today that there is grain for the famine of your life. Our Father provides His peace, power, and presence. You just have to go to the source.

So stop twiddling your thumbs. Get out of that funk. Step over and through the junk and go to the source. He is waiting on you.

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