“God would like to introduce you to yourself.” That is one of the key taglines written on the back of the book. On the front cover it reads, “Discovering your divine destiny.”

In Soul Print, author Mark Batterson takes us through the ups and downs in the life of David, in hopes of helping us learn how to discover who God has created us to be. The books is an easy read, and is written in a very relational way. I felt as though I was in a conversation or small group setting as I was reading the book.

There are many great quotes that stick with me from the book. Here are a couple: “The best form of worship is becoming the best version of who God created you to be.” “We fixate on what and when and where. God’s primary concern is always who. And He won’t get you where He wants you to go until you become who He wants you to be.”

The best part of the book overall all is that Mark included a built in way to apply the book to your life. The last chapter is full of discussion and reflection questions that could be discussed with friends, family, or a small group.

I would reccomend as an easy and simple read to help discover who God has created you to be.

Brandon Matthews

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