Meet my friend Charlie (the coolest dog in the world). In the picture you can see Charlie doing one of his favorite things, playing stick. Regardless of how many times I throw it, he always comes back wanting me to throw it again. However, when playing there are times when I give him some instructions that he must follow. Just like playing stick with Charlie, I think God gives us these same instructions in seasons of our lives.

1. Sit
I will tell Charlie to sit before I throw the stick. I have him sit because I am preparing him for what I want him to do next. Sometimes there are seasons in our lives where we just want to run and chase after the things God has put on our hearts, but He asks us to sit.

2. Stay
When I ask Charlie to sit it’s because my next command is going to be to stay. I know that if he has settled where he is that staying will be easier. By telling him to stay it allows me to actually throw the stick and begin moving forward in the process. Just because God has asked you to sit does not mean He’s not working on your behalf.

3. OK
This is the moment that we all love. It’s the moment when God tells us that we can chase the dream ahead. It’s the moment when everything starts to fall into place. It’s what motivates us to sit and stay when that season comes again.

Regardless of what season your life is in today, remember that they come and go. While learning to sit and stay, God is shaping and preparing you to be able to chase after the thing that you love the most. Learn to cherish the moments of preparation. Most of the time, we draw closer to God while we are sitting still.

So what stage do you find yourself in today?

Brandon Matthews

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