It was what felt like a thousand degrees with a line that stretched for miles. It was 2002 and hundreds had arrived for the brand new Super Man ride. We were pumped to “ride like Superman flies” as described by the theme park. So we waited, and waited, and waited. With sweat pouring and patience stretching, we waiting even more. Then, we heard the news… “The ride is out of order.”

You could hear the grumble make it’s way from the front of the line to the back. Everyone had waited so long only to get the news that the ride was out of order. So one by one people began to abandon their place. The line became shorter and shorter. I stayed. And, after about 10 minutes, it was working once again.

This year for our fast Jen and I are focusing on order. When things are out of order they don’t work. When things aren’t working there are two options. 1. Get out of line and give up. 2. Get things back in order. With 2016 being turned upside beginning in May with arrival of Asher Jaxon, the growth of the church, and the growth of Jen’s personal business, it’s easy for things to get overwhelming and out of order.

So for us we are just trying to simplify life and get a new order. So for 21 days we are focusing on good habits for our family that will only benefit and enhance our church and other areas of our life. So we choose to stay in line and enjoy the ride.

What are you focusing on for 21 days? Have you found a focus? As you fast and pray set some goals, make some habits, and grow. I pray this is your best year yet!

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  • Jen L. says:

    The word God gave me for this year is REACH. I’m getting up extra early during these 21 days (Fasting sleep and morning leisure time) for an in-depth devotional, prayer, and Bible study time and He is already showing me SO much! I’m focusing on how God wants me to reach out to my family, friends, our church, and the world in general. He has also given me a charge to be a light in the darkness. I’m excited to see all He teaches me during this time, as well as the rest of the year!