Have you ever walked into a room and greeted with excitement only for someone to take it back and say “Oh it’s just you?” There’s nothing better to boost your self-esteem right? The response didn’t really have anything to do with you at all. They were just expecting something new, different, and unfamiliar.

Familiraty can have a lot of danger when we allow it to rob our appreciation or sensitivity. For example, how often do you get angry at technology? Is the internet running to slow? Think back to when it was dial up, or didn’t even exist! We take it for granted because the latest an greatest becomes familiar and loses it’s impact.

This same scenario can happen in our relationship and spiritual lives. Jesus couldn’t do much in His hometown because everyone said “He’s just the carpenter’s son.” They refused to believe (Matthew 13:54-58). Jesus was a rock star everywhere else. People had heard of Him so they came to see. In a place of familiarity they overlooked Him. Don’t let your relationship with Jesus become so familiar that you stop learning about Him, worshiping Him, serving Him, etc.

How often have you had a bad day and bit your tongue around everyone only to unload on family at home? In the environment of familiarity you wrongly unloadeded your frustrations because you lost some respect in the middle of familiarity.

So rekindle that relationship with Jesus. Hug a family member that maybe you’ve taken for granted. Maybe instead of “Oh it’s just you” try “Oh it’s you!”

How have you gotten lost in familiarity? How do you keep things fresh?

Brandon Matthews

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