This month we take a look at relationships from beginning to end. We have a picture of happily ever after, but often reality doesn’t go the way of the movies. So how do we respond? How do we plan for love? What does the Bible say about it all? What if I’m single? Should I date? We covered both of these questions ┬áin week 1 and 2 of our series Love Games.

In week 1 Pastor Brandon Doss gave some great insight on being single and how to love it. We learned that being single is a gift and not a curse. Pastor Brandon then shared that if we are moving forward into a relationship there are three questions we can ask ourselves.

1. Does our spirit agree?
Is it something we are forcing, or is it something that God has placed His approval on?

2. Does our purpose agree?
Is your purpose moving you in the same direction as the person you are dating?

3. Does our family agree?
Do your friends and family around you agree with your decision? Or are they telling you that you are making a mistake?

Yesterday in week 2 of our series we took a look at culture and dating. We looked back at the history of dating from the early 1900’s to see how much culture has shifted from then until now. There are three big decisions we have to make in dating:

1. The person I will be.
The Bible doesn’t say much about finding the right person, but it says a lot about being the right person. Focus on being the right person first.

2. The people I will see.
Bad company corrupts good character. The wrong people will bring you down. Guard your heart above all.

3. The things I will do.
God has called us to live differently than the world. Be holy and free from all sexual sin. Be in the world and not of it.

If you are single I encourage you to watch these messages and follow this series. If you know single people I encourage you to watch these messages, follow this series, and share it with those you know. If you are a married person I encourage you to watch these messages, follow this series, and go back to the basics and revive your marriage.

You can watch week 1 and week 2 here. Plus, the games at the start are so much fun. So go ahead, check it out!

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