I’ve always been a fan of larger technology. Back in the day I owned a Siemens SX66  and love it. That just happened to be when the tech craze was to make everything as tiny as possible. My thinking has always been, if I have to look at a screen on a device, and use the screen for input, the larger the better.

Fast forward to current day and it’s happening again in the tablet world. Suddenly they are shrinking the iPad by two inches. My initial thought was that it wouldn’t be the tablet for me. Until. I touched it. That began my experiment with the iPad Mini vs iPad.

After using both iPads side by side for a few weeks, the iPad Mini has definitely won me over. It’s impossible to appreciate the size of the tablet until you hold it in your hand. It is incredibly light and comfortable to use. I found my self picking up the mini and using it more than the iPad. With that being said, the mini has become my tablet of choice, with only a few trade-offs.

Videos – Watching videos on the mini is not as good of an experience as on the iPad. If you do enjoy the larger screen, you will notice it when watching video.

Productivity – If you are working on projects that would typically require a lot of screen real-estate, you will notice it on the mini. I can overlook the screen size for video, but if i used my iPad for a lot of work purposes beyond calendar, email, etc., I’m no sure I could survive the trade-off.

The biggest concern I had was using it for notes on Sunday morning. I use my iPad when I speak on Sundays and at other events, so I wasn’t sure if the size would matter. As with the iPad, I format my notes in a size 14 ariel font, but now I just fit a little less on each page with the mini. The size and weight of the mini, for me, still overcomes that trade-off.

The last thing you may be questioning is the retina display, or lack there of. Honestly, I don’t notice the difference. Now if I hold my mini to my iPad 3 it’s obvious, but who does that? The mini has the same specs as the iPad 2, but when you consider shrinking that to a small screen it’s actually a pretty good display. 

I can’t believe I’m saying it, but for me, the mini is the winner.

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