I understand everyone responds differently to pre-workout, so I take that into consideration. With that said, here is my pre-workout history…

When I started working out in 2012 I began taking Hemo Rage Black. It incredible. I felt as if I could run through a wall. My workout was intense, and it left me focused with a lot of energy for the day. However, it was removed from the market due to a safety recall. Since then, I’ve been on the search for a new reworking. I’ve tried:

Body Fortress
Gold Standard

None of the pre-workouts even came close to touching Hemo Rage. That was until I tried HYDE.

HYDE feels like Hemo Rage repackaged (it’s not). It typically takes for me, about an hour for a pre-workout to hit full effect. So I took it while at church on a Wednesday night at 7:20 PM. I figured I would be in the gym by about 8:20 and that should be plenty of time. By 7:40 I couldn’t sit still, I was sweating, and felt the need to lift something heavy, quick. It was intense, and that’s what I like in a pre-workout.

So for me this is the best I have tried. I will say that I take a big heaping scoop as opposed to just a level scoop. The label recommends one scoop only but the little extra is the difference for me. Just the level scoop didn’t have quite the effect. It is intense. It does prolong my workouts. I also have a lot of energy and focus for the rest of the day. Don’t take it close to bed time. I have the fruit punch which is not horrible, but it’s not like it taste great.

So what do you think? What is your favorite pre-workout? Have you tried HYDE?

*It appears that Hemo Rage has made it back to the market reformulated. It has good reviews. I will try that next.

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