Sometimes you barely have the energy to lift yourself from the couch, much-less go to the gym and lift weights. This is where Hemo Rage Black comes in. HRB is a pre-workout energy supplement designed to give the energy boost you need without the crash. So does it work? Here’s my opinion.

HRB is the first energy supplement I tried that actually worked for me. The first I tried was Spark by Advocare, which did nothing at all (my wife loves it). I have also tried the 5 Hour Energy (different category I know) and that didn’t work for me either. However, with one scoop of HRB I felt like I could run through a wall. The first few times I took it I did have that jittery feeling but it went away after a few times of taking it. Within the hour I could definitely feel energy to get to the gym.

The benefits to taking the supplement are increased energy, increased focus (I actually think clearer while taking it), and the lack of a crash and burn feeling when it goes away. And for me, the energy lasts for up to eight hours. It is important to note, however, that this is for extreme energy and not intended for just a quick burst. It last a while and is intense energy.

The cons to the product are some of the flavors. I HATED Bruisin Berry, and the Orange Creamation wasn’t my favorite. However, you can’t go wrong with the Sucker Punch (fruit punch) and the Lunatic Lemonade was really good.

Two percautions while taking it.

1. Only take the recommended one scoop.
2. Don’t take it every day. Cycle the usage. You will grow accustomed to it and the affect will wear off, and over time with no cycle it can damage the liver.

So would I recommend this product? Absolutely. The best places to purchase are and It’s much more expensive from retail stores like GNC.

So what type of energy supplement are you taking?

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