As church leaders and followers of Christ it is our goal to see people¬†gives their lives to Jesus. Most people within¬†your influence fit one of the descriptions in the chart. Let’s take a look at how we can move these people from a prospect to a promoter.

1. Prospect
These are people who have opened themselves up to the idea of Christ and church. They aren’t looking for a church but it’s beginning to roll around in the back of their minds. For these people we need to pray. We should pray that the Holy Spirit continues to place a desire on their heart to give their lives to Christ.

2. Shopper
A shopper has moved from the prospect stage of just thinking about it, to actively looking for a church. Maybe they are asking friends about their churches or even looking some up online. The shopper will pop into different churches trying to find one they like. For this group we need to be on our A game each Sunday. We need to provide an over the top experience in every area of our churches. It may be the one shot we have to get them to return, and ultimately them giving their lives to Christ.

3. Owner
The owner enjoyed your church and now comes a few times per month. They aren’t involved but they claim your church as their own. For these people we encourage them to connect in small groups to connect with other, the growth track to grow in their relationship with Christ, and the Dream Team to begin using their gifts.

4. Participant
This person is now plugged into your church. They have relationships within the church and are serving. This group of people are the ones who make life change possible each week. For this group we need to invest our time and energy into. They have taken ownership of the vision and are actively participating in it. Let’s pastor them, lead them, and help them grow to their fullest potential.

5. Promotor
This group of people are incredibly valuable. This group is not only serving and doing life with others, but they are a walking billboard for your church. They are posting on social sites, telling stories about what God is doing, and begging everyone they come in contact with to check out your church. For this group we should say an extra thank you to God for! This is the group that produces growth. We should embrace their excitement and help them to understand their influence with others.

So what do you think? How are you taking the Prospect on the journey to a Promoter?


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