The word is out… Cultivate Church is moving! With that being said, inquiring minds want to know. So I’m going to answer a few FAQ.

1. Why Now?
One of the most commonly asked questions is “When are you getting your own building?” Our response has always been whenever God opens the door. A few weeks ago a door opened and we are walking through it.

2. Where is it Located?
We will still be in Alabaster, AL. The building is in a great location on the corner of 119 and 31.

3. How Much Money are we Borrowing?
Cultivate has always been a church of generous people, and has always been good stewards of that generosity. We have been preparing since our launch in January 2012 for such an opportunity. Because of that, we will not be borrowing any money for the renovation of the facility.

4. What is the Renovation Like?
The building is being completely stripped and re-designed. A worship auditorium and children’s environments are being constructed. Floors are being stripped to bare concrete for stain. Sheet rock is being installed on walls, lighting and sound will be installed, the parking lot is being painted and striped, and the outside of the building is being painted.

5. How Does this Benefit Cultivate?
No longer will we be limited to facilities only once a week. We now have a place to expand the ministry we can do, have a more permanent presence in the community, and expand our Experience times to more than one per Sunday.

6. Is this Permanent?
Yes and no. Yes, we will have full residence and control over the facility. We are planning to utilize the opportunity God has given us for as long as He has in mind. We are walking into this with the same attitude we walked into Thompson in 2012. No, we will not be there forever. We understand that this is just another step in the journey of Cultivate Church.

7. Can I Help?
Absolutely! Work days will be happening on Monday’s, Thursday’s, and Saturday’s (and other times as well). If you are interested in helping, let us know at If you would like to help financially, you can give online here.

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