It was 1990 when the great MC Hammer said “You can’t touch this!” But Jesus said something different.

The Gospels record a moment where Jesus was in the middle of a large crowd. I picture so many people gathered around Him that it’s hard to move. Obviously, in the middle of a crowd it’s hard not to bump into others and be touched. But Jesus asked a seemingly crazy question, “Who touched me?” I love the way Peter answered him, “Master the whole crowd is pressing up against you.”

I’m sure Peter looked at Him with a strange look as to say “That’s a dumb question.” However, there is a good reason for Jesus question.

Yes there were lots of people in the crowd. Lots of people showed up to see Jesus. However, they showed up to spectate, but one woman showed up to participate. The woman who touched Jesus was sincerely reaching for Him. She needed a miracle in her life and she went straight to the source.

Maybe instead of looking at Jesus as if “You can’t touch this,” and begin to reach out in faith. Let’s not be spectators, let’s be participators. Don’t just sit in the crowd going through the motions. Crawl through the spectators, the distractions, the hurts, habits, and hangups. With just one touch Jesus can change your life.

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