On January 25, 2009 Verizon Wireless launched the campaign ad that would put them on the map. “Can you hear me now?” It was simple. A man traveled around with his cell phone asking the question we had all asked many times before, “Can you hear me now?” According to their advertising, their answer was yes. Today I think God is asking the same question. What is your answer?

If you are struggling to hear God, maybe you just need to tune into the proper frequency. Each day I listen to a few of my favorite radio shows, and they all have a different frequency. To hear each one I have to dial into the proper frequency. God is always transmitting but we are often on the wrong dial. Here are a few ways you can tune in:

1. Through God’s Word
2. Through Other People
3. Through Our Circumstances
4. Through the Holy Spirit

Today, take a moment and follow the words of scripture: “Be still, and know that I am God.” Psalm 46:10

Try one the the four ways to connect with God and then allow Him to speak to you.

Can you hear me now?

Brandon Matthews

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