I like to watch and learn from businesses that succeed and fail. Just a few years ago it looked as though both T-Mobile and Sprint were in major trouble. Verizon and AT&T controlled the wireless market. However, over the past few years things have changed. And, it’s all about how you build your brand.

Just a few years ago it was uncertain if T-Mobile would even be around. But now hey are currently leading the industry in phone subscriber growth. How did they do it? They re-built their brand.

They became known as the un-carrier. The carrier that listened to what the customers wanted (data), and responded. They launched their unlimited (but arguably limited) data plan and subscriptions started soaring. Every week they celebrate customers with T-Mobile Tuesday giving away free stuff through a dedicated app.

It’s also common to see great deals for existing and new subscribers. They were the first to offer a free iPhone 7. Currently, if you bring your new Google Pixel to T-mobile, they will give you $325 in bill credits. These are perks that grab the attention of many. Something Verizon and AT&T haven’t seemed to concerned about.

So what’s the lesson here? Here are a few things to think about:

  1. Don’t get comfortable. Don’t take your audience for granted. They are always looking.
  2. There is hope. If your brand is struggling, it is possible to turn it around. There is something that someone isn’t doing that will appeal to the masses.
  3. Be you. Don’t follow the flow. T-Mobile and Sprint are doing things different. And, it’s working.
  4. How are you building your brand?

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