Wow! This is such an incredible read. I may be partial because I live in Birmingham, AL and watched this unfold as a fan of the Rick and Bubba Show, and a follower of Christ. However, regardless of your connection to this family, this is an incredibly powerful story.

Sherri shares the experience of losing a child in a very raw, real, and inspiring way. You can feel the weight of her loss through the eyes of the entire family. But in the midst of this heartbreaking tragedy is hope, encouragement, strength, peace, and possibility.

This book is not about loss, it’s about gain. It is about the wonder and greatness of an incredible loving God who uses all things for our good and the good of His kingdom. By the end of this book you will be encouraged to move your faith from surface level to a more committed and devoted follower of Christ.

I can’t recommend this book enough. You can get it here.

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