It seems as though the call to be “Ordinary” would be the opposite of what one would communicate to encourage someone to be all God created them to be. Really? Were the great men and women we read about in the Bible really average? Ordinary? Absolutely!

In Average Joe, Troy Meeder shares the idea that being an “Average Joe” isn’t such a bad thing. In fact, as he shares personal life stores and Biblical stories, he says it’s a good thing to be average.

Each chapter shares a personal story from life encounters from himself and others, and also outlines the lives of the Bible. I like the premise of the book, however, it wasn’t my favorite read. The stories are good, yet I found myself a little tired after moving from story to story.

If you are looking for a book to really help you uncover purpose this may not be the pick for you. I would consider another source. However, for a quick read sharing the personal stories of others, this may be great for you.

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