Have you ever walked around a corner and ran into something or someone? I’ve witnessed people nearly suffering a broken nose from running around a corner to find a person or an object in their face.

Like those corners, life is full of even deeper, and sometimes more painful corners. The truth is, you just never really know what is around the corner. I am learning that no matter how much you think you have it figured out, curve balls do exist. I am learning that no matter how well you have lived your life for the good, there is still stuff around the corner.

Things change. People change. Feelings change. Emotions change. Circumstances change. In every area of life, there is always something around the corner. But what happens when that corner brings something that just smacks you right in the face? Then what do you do?

Do you sit in the floor and cry? Sometimes. Do you pack your bags and leave it all behind? Maybe. Do you ignore it and hope it goes away? Possibly. Or do you sit back and realize that God knew what was around the corner, and that He is still in control? Rarely.

I’ve watched people love God with all their hearts as long as the turn in every corner brought sunshine and good news. However, when something comes along and smacks them in the face they lose their faith. I have learned that you cannot control what is around that corner. It is out of your hands. I have also learned that when tragedy lies around the corner, God is the only thing that works.

I cannot imagine going through the things of life without God in my life. He is the ONLY thing that can help you stand when all you have is the feelings and emotions that are bottled up inside. He is the ONLY thing that will not let you down. He is the ONLY thing that makes life worth living. I want to encourage you that if you are facing life alone, please let God in. Trust me, people will tear your world apart, but God is ALWAYS faithful.

God is ALWAYS there to help you take those corners…

Psalm 32:8 The Lord says, “I will make you wise and show you where to go. I will guide you and watch over you.” (NCV)

Psalm 37:23-24 When a person’s steps follow the Lord, God is pleased with his ways. If he stumbles, he will not fall, because the Lord holds his hands. (NCV)

And my prayer for today…

Psalm 31:3,5 You are my rock and my protection. For the good of your name, lead me and guide me. I give you my life. Save me, Lord, God of truth. (NCV)

Taking the Corners.

Brandon Matthews

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