Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

I have so many shout-outs to give for my thankfulness and you don’t wan’t to read that, so I’ll skip the long winded award showish acceptance speech of thanks and hit some highlights.

I am thankful for another great year filled with family and friends, good health, and God’s provision. My life is rich with blessings from God and all the things that really matter.

To list one specific thing, I am especially thankful for what God has done through Cultivate this year. We have seen great growth in our church. Not only numerically, but internally. People are moving forward in their walks with Christ and that is what it’s all about. And to close out the year, we are renovating a facility to move into that will only expand the ministry we can do.

I pray you find yourself counting your blessings today as well. In the midst of everything we have so much to be thankful for. So take a moment today and recognize the One who provides the blessing.

Happy Thanksgiving from Jen and I!

Brandon Matthews

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