Systems and structures are not the most sexy attributes of leading a successful organization, but it’s definitely one of the most important. Many wonder why their systems and structures do not work. See if you are guilty of these three system killers.

1. Lack of Communication
Don’t expect people to just know there is a system of doing things. People can not read your mind as to the way you want something done, or have structured it to be done. Communicate your system.

2. Lack of Clarity
Don’t just communicate your system, explain the why. Take your team on the journey to understand the big picture. The “because I said so” method doesn’t work. Your team will make a bigger investment when they understand the “why.”

3. Lack of Consistency
If you don’t use the system religiously, it will fail every time. When you do not follow through with your systems and structures it devalues the system and gives permission for your team to do so also.

What are your biggest systems and structure issues?

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