Yesterday (Sunday) kicked off our 21 days of prayer+fasting. This is an incredible time to focus in on what matters most by placing our focus on Christ. Fasting is “simply giving up something you love for the purpose of getting closer to the someone you love more” -Frankie Powell.

As we begin this journey together I want to remind you of our message from January 1. There are three things to help along the way:

1. Reflect
As you begin your fast take time daily to reflect on the goodness of God. Reflecting on the goodness of God reminds us of all He has done. It helps us to place our focus on Him.

2. Receive
God has something incredible in store for you this year. Simply receive what 2017 has in store. Sure there will be ups and downs, but none will be a surprise to Him. Receive each season, each blessing, and each difficulty as an opportunity for God to do something incredible.

3. Respond
Don’t simply deny yourself for 21 days for the sake of just doing something. But as your reflect on Him and receive from Him, respond to Him. Respond to this season of growth and learning. Let this be a life changing 21 days.

I’m excited to be taking this journey of prayer+fasting with you. For a resource guide to help you during your fast, click here to download. I can’t wait to hear life-change stories in a few short weeks!

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