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Get an iPhone 7 Free

Thinking about getting the new iPhone 7? Do you have T-Mobile or thinking about switching to T-Mobile? Will if you answered yes to either of these they are offering a free iPhone 7 (after monthly credits) with a trade in …

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Apple Keynote in Under 5 Minutes

Miss the Apple keynote yesterday? Wondering about new iPhone 7 or the latest Apple Watch? Well has you covered. Here is everything Apple announced at the keynote in under 5 minutes……

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Customize Your Apple Watch BEFORE You Buy

Apple Watch pre-orders are in full swing today and shipping dates are slipping farther and farther as the demand grows and grows. But maybe you’re a little like me and you want to actually put it on your wrist before …

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iPhone 5 Battery+Sleep/Wake Issues?

Have you noticed your iPhone 5 shutting down while still showing battery life? What about issues turning your screen off with the sleep/wake button? Well I have good news!

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iOS 7 Has Arrived!

So you’re wondering what all the buzz is about with iOS 7? Here are the highlights and simple instructions on how to upgrade.

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Cultivate Church

Keep up with all the latest messages and videos from Cultivate Church. It’s also a great way to keep up with both Twitter and Facebook, and even read your Bible.

Visit for download links.

It’s available for FREE for …

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Time Hop

Timehop is a digital time capsule of you. What were you doing a year ago? Two years ago? Maybe even three years ago? Well Timehop will tell you.

By connecting to your social media feeds like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram,

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The App Store Turns 5

In celebration of the App Store turning 5, Apple is giving away some great premium apps for free. Here is the list. Grab them while they are available.

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