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3 Driven Nails

Music is not something I get a chance to do these days, but it’s been a part of my life since I was little. Then in 2001 I started a band with two other friends. After seeing a Three Dog Night album, 3 Driven Nails began. Here is our old promotional bio.

3 Driven Nails was born in 2001 under founding member Brandon Matthews. 3DN quickly pushed it’s way forward to the very front lines of what God has been doing across the southeast, sharing inspiring and powerful music in all venus. The band puts focus on music based on life, love, and a relationship with Christ. The group strives to create music that speaks to your heart and soul, with a sound you’ll want to hear again and again. As committed to music as the group is, they are more committed to a life of ministry. Speaking hope and joy into the lives of people with the life changing news of Jesus Christ, is first and foremost. For 3DN, music just happens to be the platform to share the revolutionary news.

The video is from the CBS Morning Show in 2005 featuring songs from our newly released CD “My Name.”