Spiritual Health

Factory Reset

We all have things we enjoy and mine happens to be technology. I even enjoy the unboxing process. When it’s new the battery functions at 100%, the processor isn’t slowed down by lots of “stuff,” and the memory is still …

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Out of Order

It was what felt like a thousand degrees with a line that stretched for miles. It was 2002 and hundreds had arrived for the brand new Super Man ride. We were pumped to “ride like Superman flies” as described by …

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21 Days of Prayer+Fasting

Yesterday (Sunday) kicked off our 21 days of prayer+fasting. This is an incredible time to focus in on what matters most by placing our focus on Christ. Fasting is “simply giving up something you love for the purpose of getting …

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“I made a covenant with my eyes not to look with lust at a young woman.” – Job 31:1

I understand that Job experienced temptation like everyone else, but imagine what Job would think about temptation in 2015! …

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When Life and Ministry Collide – Your Personal Life

As life-giving as it can be, ministry can also suck the life out of you. When life and ministry collide trouble is soon to follow and burnout is on the way. Here are three simple tips to help you balance

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Who’s Your Tonto?

For years, fragments from the Lone Ranger have filled pop culture with people quoting the famous “Hi-Ho, Silver! Away!” Or, the popular, “Who was that masked man?” Today theaters will fill up for the premier of The Lone Ranger starring

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