Online Shenanigans

You Can’t Make This Stuff Up!

Some things just can’t be made up! On live TV a woman admits her cousin burned down her garage and other houses. Why? “He’s mad because he couldn’t get with me.”


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Best TV Interview Ever

There is nothing better than a good TV interview from a local news station. Here is one that may quite possibly be the best ever!

Mississippi should be proud!…

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The Orangutan and the Hound

I want one of these!…

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Jimmy Fallon SNL Audition

In honor of Jimmy Fallon taking over the Tonight Show tonight, here is a funny look back to 1998 where a 24 year old Jimmy Fallon auditions for Saturday Night Live!…

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NFL Lip Reading

Monday’s can be tough. So here is a little something to lighten the Monday mood!…

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David Hasselhoff Sings Fresh Prince?

Well… Sort of.…

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