Learning to Love Criticism

Criticism is a hard pill to swallow. Most of us don’t like to be corrected. But what would happen if we opened the door to criticism. Beyond that, what would happen if we learned to love criticism?

After listening to …

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Four Little C’s for Healthy Growth

Have you ever ridden in a brand new car? It’s amazing how smooth the ride can be when everything is brand new. But, overtime the very things that provide the smooth ride begin to wear. To keep it smooth you …

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The A-Team

I’ve heard it said many times that “teamwork makes the dream work.” Our church is built around a team atmosphere. I pastor my church as a co-pastor team. Our platform changes faces each week with a different speaker, different musicians, …

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From Prospect to Promoter


As church leaders and followers of Christ it is our goal to see people gives their lives to Jesus. Most people within your influence fit one of the descriptions in the chart. Let’s take a look at how we can …

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So You Want to Co-Pastor?

When Brandon Doss and I were launching Cultivate Church with a Co-Pastor model, it wasn’t considered the most popular decision to others. Most people couldn’t understand the concept of how it would work, and why we wanted to do it. …

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Thankful for a Dirty Stable

“Without oxen a stable stays clean, but you need a strong ox for a large harvest.” Proverbs 14:4 NLT

I love this verse of scripture. To bring it home to church leaders, this scripture is essentially saying without people everything …

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5 Things Netflix is Showing Church Leaders about the Future

Our Cultivate Church Admin. Pastor, Danielle Doss sent me the article from Carey Nieuwhof and I think it’s worth the time to take a look.

As culture and technology changes, so must our method. The message never changes, but the …

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What You’re Doing is Not Good

Aren’t you thankful for true friends? The kind of friends who will tell you when you need to wipe your nose, zip your pants, or close your mouth. The kind of friend who is looking out for your best interest

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5 Things I’ve Learned From My Pastor

I’m excited to have my Pastor, Frankie Powell, at Cultivate Church this weekend. Without his leadership and support, Cultivate Church would not be doing what it is today. It’s been on my mind for several months the things that

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