HYDE – Review

I understand everyone responds differently to pre-workout, so I take that into consideration. With that said, here is my pre-workout history…

When I started working out in 2012 I began taking Hemo Rage Black. It incredible. I felt as if …

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Bulking Meal Plan

I realize that for some, trouble putting on pounds sounds like a dream, but for those of us who are naturally on the scrawny side the struggle is real. In 2012 I started at 130 pounds and am now at

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How Much Weight Should You Lift?

I ran across a great article today that really put weight lifting into practical perspective. There are so many thoughts and opinions depending on who you speak with. Every piece of advice is different. This is the most balanced review …

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Hemo Rage Black Review

Sometimes you barely have the energy to lift yourself from the couch, much-less go to the gym and lift weights. This is where Hemo Rage Black comes in. HRB is a pre-workout energy supplement designed to give the energy boost …

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Fit in 2014

So you’ve decided you’re going to get in better shape in 2014. You’re going to lose weight, bulk up, lose the love handles, etc. Well believe it or not, there is a great connection to our physical life and our …

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Look Mom, a Whopper and No Hands!

Want to pack in your 670 calories without even burning energy to eat it? Burger King introduces the hands free Whopper Holder. 

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