Free Cable Mobile App

So what’s the catch you ask? How can I get cable channels for free? Simply download the Live Media Player app for iOS or Android.…

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YouVersion Bible

YouVersion is a simple, ad-free Bible for your phone, tablet, or computer. It features hundreds of Bible versions and languages, reading plans, and devotionals. You can change the font size, highlight, share, and bookmark.

Visit and check it out.

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Of all my apps, I use Flipboard the most. Fliboard is the best way to place all the content you care about in one place. From magazines to blogs, Flipboard makes it fun to read your favorite content.

A few

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Cultivate Church

Keep up with all the latest messages and videos from Cultivate Church. It’s also a great way to keep up with both Twitter and Facebook, and even read your Bible.

Visit for download links.

It’s available for FREE for …

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Field Agent

Field Agent sounds like a scam or to good to be true. But it works. And, it’s easy.

Sign up for an account. Download the app. Pick out a job from the listings. Follow the instructions. Get paid through your

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Time Hop

Timehop is a digital time capsule of you. What were you doing a year ago? Two years ago? Maybe even three years ago? Well Timehop will tell you.

By connecting to your social media feeds like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram,

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The App Store Turns 5

In celebration of the App Store turning 5, Apple is giving away some great premium apps for free. Here is the list. Grab them while they are available.

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